Elevate your digital banking experience with Tethys, the portable terminal that enables secure transactions using cutting-edge space technology. Safeguard your customers' assets while providing global access to financial services.

satellite constellation

Tethys: Solution Overview

Robust Security

Tethys ensures ironclad security, protecting sensitive financial transactions with advanced encryption, biometric authentication, and secure element technology, empowering users with complete control over their assets.

Seamless Accessibility

Experience seamless global accessibility to digital banking services through Tethys’ satellite-enabled connectivity, enabling secure transactions and financial services in remote or underbanked areas.

User-controlled Asset

Users have full control over their assets, ensuring privacy and eliminating reliance on intermediaries. Empower your customers with self-sovereign finance and asset management.

Future-Proof Innovation

Tethys represents the future of digital banking, combining space technology with user-centric design. Stay ahead of the curve, embrace innovation, and offer secure and accessible financial services to your customers.

How Does It Work?

Tethys operates on the following core principles:

Directly communicates with on-orbit satellites. 
No internet is required

Immune to malicious software attacks due to
secure satellite uplink/downlink communication.

Stores your access key and token within the device.
Control your own bank.

Check out this video on how Tethys works :

Now, let's discover what Tethys can do for you.

Perform secure, fast and convenient transactions anywhere at any time
Get access to Tethys for global digital banking solution and expedite your business operations. Contact us and start powering your business with Tethys.


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