Space-Based Key Management System

Secure your cloud service and data with our advanced space-based key-management system, ensuring uncompromising protection for cryptographic keys and data integrity.

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Secure Digital Banking

Looking to empower your digital banking operations with our space-based key management system? Or protect your customers’ financial assets on your platform? Contact us to discover how SpaceChain can seamlessly integrate its cutting-edge solutions into your digital banking infrastructure.

Solution Overview

Unparalleled Security

Our space-based key-management system delivers unparalleled security, incorporating finance-grade secure chips to safeguard cryptographic keys, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access.

Reliable Operations

Built with meticulous attention to detail, our system ensures reliable operations for digital banking, enabling seamless management of cryptographic keys in space-based applications with utmost precision and accuracy.

Future-Proof Innovation

Embrace the future of space-based key management with our innovative solution, empowering digital banking institutions to explore new frontiers securely while maintaining control over their critical assets and enabling limitless possibilities for expansion and growth.

Compliance and Trust

Our solution is designed to meet the stringent security requirements of the digital banking industry, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and fostering trust among financial institutions and their customers.

How It Works

Core Features

SpaceChain’s space-based key management system enables ultra-secure transactions for financial entities.

Unlimited Signatures

Able to include as many signatures as you require for your business, however one of the keys is stored in the space node for extra security.

Security & Safeguards

Safeguards your transactions against physical attacks thanks to the remoteness of space.

Perpetual Encryption

Offline end-to-end encrypted satellite communication also vastly increases the security of each transaction. 


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