SpaceChain Is The Leading Innovator In The Space Industry

Our mission is to make space accessible and secure for all, fostering innovation, collaboration, and exploration beyond boundaries. We strive to democratize access to space, breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for individuals and organizations to participate in the cosmic frontier.

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SpaceChain Empowers Individuals And Industries For A New Space Economy

We promote and accelerate technological advancement by creating solutions for businesses using our fintech and space expertise.

Tethys: Portable Terminal for Secure Digital Banking

Elevate your digital banking experience with Tethys, the portable terminal that enables secure transactions using cutting-edge space technology. Safeguard your customers’ assets while providing global accessibility to financial services.

Space Mission Design & Management

A space mission studio that customizes solutions for companies such as launching nodes, deploying smart contracts, and enhancing
their cybersecurity capabilities
using space tech.

Space-based Key Management System

Secure your cloud service and data with our advanced space-based key-management system, ensuring uncompromising protection for cryptographic keys and data integrity.



A handheld satelite mobile device that enables users to perform highly secure cryptocurrency transactions easily and quickly at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Track SpaceChain's Live Nodes

Till date, SpaceChain has launched 7 live nodes in space. A live node is a payload installed on a satellite or the International Space Station.

You may swipe left and right to see the different launches.

The payload carries the software for different customers.

Clients • Partners • Affiliates

SpaceChain is honoured and humbled to be working with some of the best organizations to further our cause in creating a fintech ecosystem for the space industry.

Hear From Our Clients And Partners

SpaceChain has been given strong testimonials and referrals within the industry.

We are establishing a valuable partnership with SpaceChain to not only help showcase what Kazakhstan has to offer as an international space hub, but more importantly, to help organizations discover space as an innovation platform and pivot their business or purpose for competitive advantage and success.

Shukhrat Ibragimov

Founder, Eurasian Space Ventures

It’s an incredible honor to be selected by SpaceChain as the main supplier for its blockchain hardware wallet. The success of the first multisignature blockchain transaction in space demonstrates the onboard computer’s capabilities in supporting decentralized constellations in space with unparalleled data processing performance.

Niels Buus

CEO, GomSpace

We’re delighted to work alongside SpaceChain and demonstrate innovative ways to leverage outer space. Space-based computation is already proving its value across countless industries and use cases, and we’re excited to help realize its potential for emerging and decentralized blockchains.

Theresa Condor

COO, Spire

I am excited to make public my decision to add SpaceChain to my portfolio. SpaceChain will create a new ecosystem that connects millions of businesses, developers, and consumers with easy-to-access aerospace and blockchain technology.

Tim Draper

Co-Founder, DFJ; Founder, Draper Venture Network & Draper Associates

Building relationships and amazing products together

Together with their clients, SpaceChain customizes and designs solutions and space missions to meet their clients' business goals and needs. SpaceChain's success is measured by results and customer satisfaction is their priority.


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