SpaceChain, a space exploration initiative based on human consensus, is striving to seek the consensus which can effectively encourage human beings to spontaneously engage in outer space activities. SpaceChain intends to find this consensus by achieving the following 3 goals

1.To make space serve our earth better

2.To make space industry more accessible for normal people

3.To make space exploration sustainable and extend knowledge of space constantly


SpaceChain is actively building the world's first open source satellite network, to enable a next-generation infrastructure for blockchain industry. This non-terrestrial, decentralized satellite network will become an alternative for data transmission, storage, and application development. The SpaceChain open source operating system – SpaceChainOS, which provides a “blockchain sandbox” that any developer can utilize for rapid development, testing, and deployment of decentralized applications.

Blockchain Payload
Intelligent Satellite
Intelligent Satellite System


Combined in the SpaceChainOS are fundamentals from the Qtum ( smart contract and SylixOS ( Our CTO, Jeff Garzik, designed the “blockchain sandbox” to create a stable and well protected infrastructure. Dapps developed in this space can run properly and independently without any interference from one another. This has garnered significant interest from partners in different industries who desire to build their applications on this platform. Ultimately, we can help the Space industry go through the same process as the mobile phone by ‘making smart satellites’ with at least three benefits:

Bring blockchain applications to space, enlarge the space market, and integrate aerospace industry resources to make space better serve the earth;

Improve spacecraft capabilities, increase number of applications per spacecraft, lower the cost of using satellites, and thus allowing more people to get involved in space industry

Provide excellent development environment for space applications by lowering the barriers for developers, and hence encourage more people to participate in space exploration.

Team & Partners


Zheng Zuo
Jeff Garzik
Tim Draper
Jeffrey Manber
Andrew Yan
Matthew Roszak
Shuai Chu
Ryan Xu



Qtum is an open source blockchain platform. It combines the core bitcoin technologies and supports Account Abstraction Layer of multiple virtual machines, as well as numerous technologies such as Proof of Stake.





We invest in technology companies serving the needs of consumers and enterprises, as well as companies creating disruptive technologies such as commercial space exploration, robotics, and sustainable transportation

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