Empowering access to space products and services through advanced technologies like edge-computing, distributed infrastructure, and Generative AI, fostering inclusive collaboration and driving the vision of a decentralized satellite infrastructure.

What Is I-Sat

I-Sat is a cutting-edge product developed by SpaceChain, with a mission to enhance accessibility to space products and services. It offers a range of features, including access to earth observation imagery and satellite Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, and enabling involvement and contributions from end users and communities. 

Disruptive technology in space

I-Sat democratize access to satellite applications. With very low barriers to entry, anyone seeking satellite data or applications can use the platform without prior expertise.

Open and Collaborative Platform

Fostering an inclusive space application ecosystem by involving data providers, algorithms, end users, and enthusiasts to contribute and collaborate.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrating AI for advanced analysis and interpretation of space products, aligning them with commercial use cases for valuable insights.

Distributed Infrastructure

Leveraging federated learning and decentralized data storage to enhance data collaboration, privacy, and security.

Edge Computation

Enabling on-site processing and analysis of space data, reducing latency and enhancing real-time decision-making capabilities.

How To Use SpaceChain DSA

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Enter the intended area of imagery search

Select Image

Choose imagery to download


Enter the intended area of imagery search

How Does It Work?

I believe this is the technical elements of it. Any idea if we can follow some SaaS platforms out there to talk about their technical USP for devs?
My idea something like “The DSA platform uses xxx and yyy such that your organization can easily and seamless implement it”

InteGrated Data & Services

Multiple EO data sources

Multiple data processing tools, including deep learning image analyser

Server Integration EndPoints

Endpoint built and supported with detailed integration instructions for satellite data sources

Endpoint built and supported with detailed instructions for services and tools

Crowdsourcing Platform

Interface and database that allows users to publish their project information and requirements

Interface and database that allows data and service providers to participate in a published project

Smart contract that contributes to the maintenance of the project with full transparency

The Future of SpaceChain's I-Sat

What is the end-goal of I-Sat and how does it build a shared vision of a connected space ecosystem? 

Higher Integration & Connectivity

I-Sat in next generation will be directly connected with the satellite system, allowing users to place orders now with the satellite so that satellites directly provide service according to the user requirement. 

Connecting the Aerospace Industries

The platform also enables crowdsourcing services based on distributed infrastructure. Through I-Sat, users can establish direct connections with aerospace companies and make aerospace systems a daily tool that will promote the development of the aerospace industry so that space technology can better serve more people.

Learn How I-Sat Can Help You

We welcome any space data and services to be integrated with I-Sat. Contact us to discover your own capabilities of utilising space data and service to change the world.


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